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A well-planned field program is vital to successful exploration. At GeoPool, we understand this. That’s why our geological services cover a wide range of exploration activities, from the initial planning and preparation stage to crucial fieldwork and data management and finally to interpretation, modelling, and reporting. We’ve got you covered at every step of the way.

Our employees specialise in managing and carrying out exploration field programs in geological mapping, diamond drilling, surface soil sampling, trenching, base-of-till (BoT), and top-of-bedrock (ToB) sampling. We use highly advanced technologies, including hyperspectral mapping. Our geological services are offered for both short-and long-term projects.

At GeoPool, we support responsible exploration and strive to maintain an open relationship with the local community and authorities. We also aim to reduce the environmental impact of our field activities and improve our work safety procedures.


GeoPool makes all the necessary preparations so that everything is set for active exploration. We coordinate a field base near the project area and acquire the needed equipment and supplies. We negotiate with the contractors to find the most efficient way to carry out the exploration plan. Safety is an essential value at GeoPool, and therefore work safety is considered in all preparations.

With us on board, the process covers:

  • Project budgeting
  • Setting up a local field base (e.g. accommodation, office, sample processing facility, storage space)
  • Reconnaissance site visits and early preparations
  • Finding local professionals and contractors
  • Contractor agreements
  • Creating project safety protocols
  • Kick-off meeting for personnel and contractors

GeoPool is an experienced organizer of exploration field activities. We may construct the whole exploration plan according to your wishes, carry out a ready-planned field program, or provide assistance with a specific task. Once fieldwork has started, we supervise the sampling process to ensure it is conducted correctly, with attention to high sample quality and efficiency.

At GeoPool, we provide both manpower and equipment for different kinds of systematic measurement campaigns. The more data recorded from the drill core, the more value is received from the drilling. New observations can always be made from the archive drill core by applying novel measurement techniques. GeoPool holds in-house portable hyperspectral equipment, portable XRF devices as well as magnetic susceptibility and conductivity meters. We also provide field location services. Our UAV aerial photography system has proved to be a powerful tool in trench mapping.

Our field services include:

  • Planning exploration and organizing activities for the field season
  • Diamond drill program preparation and work supervision on-site
  • Drill core geoteching and geological reporting (logging)
  • Drill core measurements (pXRF, hyperspectral, density, magnetic susceptibility, conductivity)
  • Drill core photography
  • Drill core cutting and sampling
  • BoT sampling program preparation and work supervision on-site
  • Surface soil sampling with shovel or Auger
  • Till sample reporting (logging)
  • Geological mapping and prospecting
  • Trenching preparation and work supervision on-site
  • Trench mapping and channel sampling
  • UAV aerial photography and 3D mesh generation
  • Surface water sampling for base-level monitoring
  • Sample preparation for geochemical analysis
  • Locating historical diamond drilling collars
  • Marking routes and sampling sites in the field with DGPS

GeoPool has established diamond drill core processing facilities in the Sodankylä town center, in central Finnish Lapland. Split in three buildings, the hub consist of compartmentalized spaces allowing several companies to work simultaneously without compromising the chain of custody. Spaces may be rented both in long and short term. With long term contracts, the spaces may be modified according to your wishes. GeoPool also provides on-site high-resolution hyperspectral drill core imaging in collaboration with our partner TerraCore. All supporting services lie nearby, and local laboratories are situated in less than 10 km, enabling smooth operation.

In our GeoPool Exploration Hub, we offer:

  • Drill core logging tables with lighting
  • Sample preparation space
  • Drill core cutting possibilities
  • Hyperspectral drill core imaging
  • Storage space
  • Office space
  • Social facilities


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