6 May, 2024

Meet the newest members of our team

We began 2024 by hiring five new team members to improve our services. These additions will help refine our practices further, bringing fresh perspectives to our team. As we usher in the new year, GeoPool is thrilled to announce the addition of five dynamic professionals to our team. This strategic expansion enhances our geological services … Read more

30 March, 2023

Breaking new grounds: a professional perspective

In an age where the Earth’s territories are extensively mapped, discovering new grounds presents a rare opportunity for both geologists and explorers. Natural areas, shielded from the march of development, does not only provide a window into the ecosystems but also embodies the final frontiers of terrestrial exploration. For industry professionals, this isn’t just a … Read more

27 February, 2023

Enter Area Review!

We’ve got some great news! As fellow geologists, we can relate to the struggle of wanting to explore while being unsure of where and how to start. Are you wondering what kind of environmental, social, or governmental factors might affect your exploration plans? Or are you lacking information on the existing exploration data or historical … Read more

17 February, 2023

Hands-on information for your exploration

Understanding Quaternary geology and the historical movements of ice sheets is essential for geological exploration in Fennoscandia. GeoPool stands out for its capability to deliver tailored geological data that can be accessed immediately, making it an essential resource for geological exploration. This approach not only streamlines data acquisition but also optimises the usefulness and availability … Read more

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