Press releases

20 July, 2023

GeoPool is expanding to Central and Eastern Europe

As August approaches, we are back with more exciting news. GeoPool is opening a fourth affiliate in Slovakia, Eastern Europe. While the new steps we have taken in 2023 may seem challenging, we look forward to a bright future. GeoPool has made tremendous strides in the last three months as we have doubled the number … Read more

20 June, 2023

Mineral exploration in our neighboring country

In the summer of 2023, GeoPool will open its fourth office in Tromsø – a Norwegian city known for its rich nature and fjords. With GeoPool bringing its Finnish and Swedish expertise in mineral exploration, we hope to make our Neighboring country even more prosperous. Norway has had a remarkable revival of its mineral industry … Read more

2 May, 2023

GeoPool is expanding its business overseas

The Finnish exploration, consulting, and service-providing company GeoPool is entering the Canadian market. The firm intends to bring its expertise and passion for discovering overseas with its new affiliate in Vancouver, BC.  From founding GeoPool in 2007(FIN) to opening the second affiliate GeoPool AB in 2015(SWE), and now a third affiliate in Vancouver in 2022 … Read more

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