GeoPool is managing exploration tenements in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. With great legislation insight combined with local practical work experience we assist and advise at all stages of your project.

With more than 10 years of experience in tenement management, we are able to focus on the essentials in the application processes. Our team of tenement advisors will guide your company through legal requirements with a responsible approach. We consider active and transparent communication with landowners, stakeholders and authorities an essential part of any permitting process.

Valid exploration permits in January, 2022, according to Tukes, Bergstaten, and DMF.

GeoPool can manage your exploration licensing according to your company’s needs. A tenement application requires that some paperwork has been prepared in advance. We compile all necessary information and documents and prepare the required GIS dataset. We also keep a record of the status of tenements and take action when needed to make sure your permits are in good standing. If requested, GeoPool is also the primary contact organization for the authorities and stakeholders.

Our tenement management services include:

  • Reservation notifications
  • Application for exploration or mining permits
  • Extension applications
  • Permit transfers and relinquishments
  • Tenement monitoring and reporting

Landowners must be informed of the exploration activities planned to be performed on their land. Additional stakeholders in different fields are also to be notified. The notification needs to be made well in advance so that all parties have time to comment on it. We compose notification letters or general newspaper announcements and take care of the distribution.


Under some jurisdictions, landowners are entitled to annual compensations for a valid exploration permit. The payment amount depends on the size of the land area and the duration of the exploration permit. GeoPool manages annual landowner payments and makes sure they are processed on time.

Moreover, exploration companies are obligated to compensate for any damages caused to landowners and other stakeholders. We assist in estimating the right compensation level and with the practical arrangements.


Once an exploration permit has expired, the exploration company is obligated to submit a final exploration report on the actions taken in the area. Under some jurisdictions, there is also an annual reporting requirement. We compile all necessary information and compose reports for different purposes when needed.


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