GeoPool was founded in 2007 as a private business in response to the growing need for exploration services in Fennoscandia. Over the years, GeoPool gained more expertise, and currently, we have over 35 professionals.

At GeoPool, we provide services on a broad scale, from field exploration to permit management and corporate administration. This makes us unique in the mining industry. We connect exploration and mining companies with contractors, stakeholders, landowners, and authorities. With this focus, we can ensure a smooth flow of information between all parties of the exploration project.

We support responsible exploration and endorse exploration practices that minimize the impact on the environment. An essential part of GeoPool’s operation is also maintaining a good relationship with the local communities. In this work, our proficiency in the local language is a great asset. We also value safe work environments and regularly introduce new technologies to improve work safety both in the field and at the office.

GeoPool has registered companies in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Canada and in the Republic of Slovakia. The GeoPool Headquarters in Finland is easily accessible in the vicinity of Helsinki airport, while our field activities are operated on-site from local field bases.

Sodankylä, Finland

GeoPool holds an extensive network within the industry. Our connections consist of everything from authorities and universities to drilling companies, geophysical service providers, laboratory service providers, and other service and equipment providers in the Nordic region.

We also take an active part in improving the industry of exploration and mining. To promote best practices in exploration, GeoPool was a co-writer of Guidance on Exploration (Svemin 2018) and Guidebook for exploration (FinnMin 2023).

We are a member of the following organizations:

  • Finnish branch organization Kaivosteollisuus ry (FinnMin)
  • Swedish branch organization Svemin AB

At GeoPool, we have close connections with the national geological surveys in the Nordic countries (GTK, SGU, NGU). We also collaborate with universities when it comes to cases and contributions for master’s theses.

GeoPool has been part of research projects such as:


We follow our values in our day-to-day work, making us proud of how we act and how we achieve goals.

Customer success

Responsible execution of project tasks creates long-term value for our clients.


We use industry best practices and share information to create a meaningful dialogue with all involved stakeholders.


GeoPool togetherness is the core and driver of all provided services and communications. This community creates value and meaning for our employees, work, clients and the greater society.


Mathias Forss


Corporate and project administration, Permitting

MSc Geology and Mineralogy

Jens Rönnqvist

Manager - Field and Technical Services

Project administration, Stakeholder communication, Surface geochemical surveys

MSc Geology and Mineralogy

Robert Stenberg

Manager - Tenement Services

Permitting, Legislation, Hyperspectral mapping

MSc Geology and Mineralogy

Thomas Levin

Senior Project Manager,
Consulting Services Unit Leader

Technical and corporate advisory, Project management, Mineral exploration

MSc Geology and Mineralogy

Jukka Manninen

Exploration Geologist,
Field Services Unit Leader

Diamond drilling, Geological mapping, Structural geology

MSc Bedrock Geology

Joona Clergeaud

Tenement Advisor,
Tenement Services Unit Leader

Water sampling, Hydrogeology

MSc Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology

Kirsi Luolavirta

Expert Geoscientist

Geochemistry, Mafic-ultramafic systems, Ni-Cu-PGEs

PhD Geology and mineralogy

Juhani Ojala

Expert Geoscientist

Geochemistry, Hyperspectral mapping, Orogenic gold

PhD Economic Geology

Jutta Forsell

Expert Exploration Geologist

Database management, QAQC, Reporting

MSc Geology

Terhi Salo

Expert Exploration Geologist

Permitting, Stakeholder communication, Ni-Cu-PGEs

MSc Geology

Sven Hönig

Senior Exploration Geologist

Mineral Exploration, Structural Geology

PhD Magmatic Petrology
EurGeol: 1789

Vojtech Sesulka

Senior Exploration Geologist

3D modelling, Mineral exploration

PhD Applied Geophysics
EurGeol: 1644

Ove Klavér

Senior Resource Geologist

3D modelling, Mineral resource estimation, Mine geology

MSc Geology and Mineralogy
EurGeol: 1775

Sini Hunter

Resource Geologist

3D modelling, Mineral resources, Mine geology

MSc Economic Geology and Mineralogy
MAusIMM: 3000699

Maria Nygårds

Senior Controller

Business processes, Economy and taxes, Financial data analysis

DIHM Business Communication and Information

Anna Shcherbakov

Office Manager

Invoicing, Corporate administration, HR

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Terhi Virta

Office Manager

HR, Invoicing, Corporate administration

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Tenna Christiansen

Exploration Geologist

Geological mapping, Soil and stream sediment sampling, Drill core logging

MSc Geology-Geoscience

Viktor Grundström

Exploration Geologist

Geological mapping, Diamond drilling

MSc Natural Resources Engineering

Mathias Eriksson

Exploration Geologist

Diamond drilling, BoT, Trenching

MSc Geology and Mineralogy

Valtteri Laaksonen

Exploration Geologist

Hyperspectral imaging, Quaternary exploration

MSc Surficial Geology

Catherine Midona

Exploration Geologist

Geological mapping, Drill core logging

MSc Mining Geology

Jonna Nenonen

Exploration Geologist

Diamond drilling, BoT, Geological mapping

MSc Geology and Mineralogy

Anton Niemelä

Exploration Geologist

Diamond drilling, Trenching, Geological mapping

MSc Geology and Mineralogy

Heidi Penttinen

Exploration Geologist

Diamond drilling, GIS

MSc Bedrock Geology

Niilo Taipale

Exploration Geologist

Diamond drilling, Surface geochemical surveys, XRF

MSc Geology and Mineralogy

Fanny Makkonen

Junior Exploration Geologist

Prospecting, Geotechnical work, Drone imagery

BSc Geology

Rita Pereira

Junior Exploration Geologist

Drill core logging

MSc Economic Geology

Rasmus Soukka

Junior Exploration Geologist

Trenching, Geological mapping, Geotechnical work

BSc Geology

Robert Ahvonen

Tenement Advisor

Software development, GIS, Drone imagery

BSc Geology

Tova Karlsson

Tenement Advisor

Permitting, Legislation, Stakeholder communication

Master of Laws (LLM)

Emilia Lundell

Tenement Assistant

Stakeholder communication, Landowner compensations

MA Nordic Ethnology

Nea Sihvonen

Tenement Assistant

Stakeholder communication, Landowner compensations

Vocational qualification in Tourism Industry

Ansu Särkelä

Senior Technician

Facilities, Maintenance, Geotechnical work

BEng Mechanical Engineering

Tiina Kärki


Geotechnical and assisting field work, Sample preparation,

Vocational qualification in Chemical Engineering, Process Operator

Paulus-Antti Toivola


Geotechnical and assisting field work, Sample preparation

Vocational qualification in Mining

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