GeoPool offers a wide range of services to allow your company to focus on the essential: exploration! We prepare the ground so that your exploration project runs smoothly. Entering a new area requires knowledge on a local level, and we are aware of the potential legal and cultural challenges. With that knowledge, we have the ability to support your company to operate and maintain your social license.

We are experienced in creating an effective field base setup using local contractors and suppliers. This way, problems can be solved quickly on-site and long downtimes are avoided. Our network of connections allows us to react fast when needed. Most importantly, we aim to work together with the local community to benefit the whole region.


GeoPool makes all the necessary preparations so that everything is set for active exploration. We coordinate a field base near the project area and acquire the needed equipment and supplies. We negotiate with the contractors to find the most efficient way to carry out the exploration plan. Safety is an essential value at GeoPool, and therefore work safety is considered in all preparations.

With us on board, the process covers:

  • Project budgeting
  • Setting up a local field base (e.g. accommodation, office, sample processing facility, storage space)
  • Reconnaissance site visits and early preparations
  • Finding local professionals and contractors
  • Contractor agreements
  • Creating project safety protocols
  • Kick-off meeting for personnel and contractors

GeoPool has established diamond drill core processing facilities in the Sodankylä town center, in central Finnish Lapland. Split in three buildings, the hub consist of compartmentalized spaces allowing several companies to work simultaneously without compromising the chain of custody. Spaces may be rented both in long and short term. With long term contracts, the spaces may be modified according to your wishes. GeoPool also provides on-site high-resolution hyperspectral drill core imaging in collaboration with our partner TerraCore. All supporting services lie nearby, and local laboratories are situated in less than 10 km, enabling smooth operation.

In our GeoPool Exploration Hub, we offer:

  • Drill core logging tables with lighting
  • Sample preparation space
  • Drill core cutting possibilities
  • Hyperspectral drill core imaging
  • Storage space
  • Office space
  • Social facilities

At GeoPool, we value an open and transparent communication on the progress of an exploration project. Thus, we work actively on creating a stronger interaction with the local stakeholders. A good relationship with the local community leads to the smooth advancement of the exploration projects.

Our stakeholder communication services involve:

  • Composing notifications of field work and after-care measures
  • Preparing announcements to local newspapers
  • Interaction with landowners and other stakeholders
  • Drawing up contracts and agreements
  • Organizing local community events or an open doors day

GeoPool assists foreign companies to settle in the Nordic business environment. In the initial phase, we provide the tools needed to launch the exploration project. Once the project is in operation, we can assist in guiding your company through the different steps of starting up a subsidiary. In addition, we provide general secretary services for a variety of needs.

In summary, our services cover:

  • Drawing up invoices and contracts
  • Constituting a company or subsidiary
  • Accounting (together with our partner)
  • Annual budgeting
  • Assisting with insurances and taxation
  • Managing client or stakeholder registers
  • Translations (FIN-ENG-FIN, SWE-ENG-SWE, FIN-SWE-FIN)
  • Reservations and investigations


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