24 March, 2022

The GeoPool Exploration Hub

Embedded within the lush forests of pine and spruce, alongside the Kitinen River, lies Sodankylä, a municipality based in Northern Lapland with lots of exploration focus going on. We found Sodankylä to be the perfect place for our very own Exploration Hub! We’ve established our Hub, including diamond drill core processing facilities in the center … Read more

10 February, 2022

Welcome to the team Yordanos and Viktor!

We are adding two more geologists to the GeoPool exploration team! For us, this is extra exciting. You see, in addition to getting two new colleagues, Yordanos Chane and Viktor Grundström Mattsson are also our first full-time employed exploration geologists in Sweden. Well, if you exclude our CEO, Mathias, of course. So, this is an … Read more

7 April, 2021

Joona Clergeaud joins the tenement management team of GeoPool

From the beginning of April 2021, Joona Clergeaud has joined the tenement management team of GeoPool. Before GeoPool Joona has been working with environmental geology and hydrogeology. The daily work has included geographical information system programs, regular field sampling, and statistical analyses. Joona graduated from the University of Helsinki with the M. Sc thesis “Impacts … Read more

15 March, 2021

Anu Haverinen joins GeoPool

As of 15th March 2021, Anu Haverinen has started working at GeoPool. She has 10 years’ experience in mining and metals industry working as both a geologist and a mine planner. She has also been responsible of communicating with landowners and stakeholders regarding licensing and exploration. This is something that has a special place in … Read more

7 March, 2021

When nickname becomes the official

When born in 2007 it was rejected but now becoming 14 years old it was finally approved.– Focusing on the essential; a pool of highly skilled crew providing high quality geological services within the exploration industry, all in one word. So from now onwards we refer to our nickname also officially: Geopool Oy More news … Read more

3 October, 2020

Introducing Niilo and Nea

Mr Niilo Taipale is our latest Exploration Geologist joining our team now in October. Before joining GeoPool, Niilo has since 2016 been actively working in exploration programs for example in the Vihanti-Pyhäsalmi Zn-Cu Belt, in the Central Lappland Greenstone Belt (Au), in the Peräpohja Cu-Co-Au area and in the Koillismaa layered intrusion area (Ni-Cu-PGE). Niilo … Read more

30 June, 2020

Terhi Virta joins the GeoPool team

We are pleased to welcome a new staff member to our GeoPool team. As of 1st of June 2020 Terhi Virta has started working as an administrative assistant and will be based in the main office in Vantaa. Terhi has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies and Modern Languages for Management Assistants. Previously she has … Read more

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