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6 May, 2024

We began 2024 by hiring five new team members to improve our services. These additions will help refine our practices further, bringing fresh perspectives to our team.

As we usher in the new year, GeoPool is thrilled to announce the addition of five dynamic professionals to our team. This strategic expansion enhances our geological services in Nordics, just in time for the approaching field season.

Tenna Christiansen enhances Norwegian geological operations

In January, we had the pleasure of welcoming Tenna Christiansen to our Norwegian team. She is a seasoned exploration geologist with an MSc in geology and geoscience. Tenna will mainly focus on field services in Norway, where her extensive experience in mapping, sampling, and drill core logging will be helpful. In addition to her mineral exploration expertise, she has previous experience in geological mapping and conducting geophysical surveys like electrical resistivity and deep seismic surveys.

Together with our Norwegian team, Tenna will help set up and develop our geological services at GeoPool AS.

Sini Hunter and Ove Klavér boost Finnish geological expertise

In February, we greeted Sini Hunter, another GeoPooler, to our Finnish team. Sini is a professional member of AusIMM with over a decade of experience conducting explorations in Fennoscandia. Her expertise lies in project management and 3D modelling, focusing on base metal systems such as magmatic Ni-Cu and leading active mining projects. At GeoPool, her primary focus will be on resource geology and resource evaluation.

Another senior resource geologist, Ove Klavér, joined our Finnish team in March. Ove is a qualified person, a European Geologist and an expert in geological modelling. He brings vast experience in handling structurally complex systems across various commodities and is well accustomed to using industry-standard software such as Leapfrog and Surpac.

Together, Ove and Sini will work together to mature and develop our practices further.

“Geological models inform other models, i.e. resource, grade control, metallurgical, and geotechnical models, that enable decision-making in exploration, understanding the value of the deposit, and mining the deposit safely and efficiently.”

— Sini Hunter, Resource Geologist

Thomas Levin rejoins GeoPool as senior project manager

March also marked the return of a familiar face, Thomas Levin, who rejoined our team as a senior project manager.

Thomas worked at GeoPool back when our team consisted of only a handful of people. Now, he will bring his invaluable expertise from his time at FinnAust, transforming projects into significant exploration ventures in East Finland.

“I’ve been a customer of GeoPool for over a decade, and I like how the company has evolved since its early days more than 15 years ago. GeoPool has a very good reputation both as a service provider and as an employer, and this is something I value very highly.”

— Thomas Levin, Senior Project Manager

Thomas will provide our customers and team with senior and expert geological services, project management, and advisory services to exploration and mining companies in Finland and the rest of Scandinavia.

Tova Karlsson joins our Swedish tenement team

In April, Tova Karlsson, our fifth and final addition this spring, joined our Swedish team as a tenement advisor. Tova has an LLM in law, and together with her team she will navigate mineral exploration legal aspects, with tenement questions, claims, and work plans at the centre.

“I am most looking forward to positively changing attitudes towards exploration activities by disseminating knowledge, among other things. The applicable legislation in Sweden that governs exploration activities is outdated today.”

— Tova Karlsson, Tenement Advisor

With increased focus and efforts on evolving our services and tenement management in the Nordics, we look forward to what this year’s field season has in store for us.

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