GeoPool is expanding to Central and Eastern Europe

20 July, 2023

As August approaches, we are back with more exciting news. GeoPool is opening a fourth affiliate in Slovakia, Eastern Europe. While the new steps we have taken in 2023 may seem challenging, we look forward to a bright future.

GeoPool has made tremendous strides in the last three months as we have doubled the number of our offices to five worldwide. While the expansions have happened quickly, the three new affiliates have been a long time in the making.

“Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe is a fascinating place in terms of mineral deposits where two main European mineral belts meet. I am excited about the new subsidiary, which has been under discussion for the past six months. It will be a challenging but rewarding step for GeoPool.“

Sven Hönig, Senior geologist with a Ph.D. in mineralized subvolcanic systems

Sven Hönig and Vojtech Sesulka are two of our associates who have helped us on our journeys both in and outside Fennoscandia. With their expertise, we have managed to reach new heights. We hope our presence in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe will not go unnoticed as these areas can significantly change future deposits, not to mention help meet the goals of The Critical Raw Materials Act given by the European Commission.

Sven and Vojtech hold EurGeol titles and are former classmates who studied together in the Czech Republic. With Sven’s knowledge of managing international exploration operations and Vojtech’s 3D modelling and GIS skills, we have managed to evolve our services further, reaching the Nordic, European, and Canadian markets.

“Very often, it’s good to know and get to work with a variety of people because you learn new things while mentoring them what you know. “

Vojtech Sesulka, Senior geologist with a Ph.D. in applied geophysics

The collaborations between us, geologists, and our customers have always been critical to our work and what we can achieve. As we take our next step into Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, we hope that teamwork will continue to be the centre of our explorations as we discover new opportunities together.

We warmly thank all our associates, who have made all this possible through their cooperation and abilities. Together we are headed toward a more sustainable future.

GeoPool: Discovering Together.

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We are opening an affiliate in Slovakia
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