GeoPool is expanding its business overseas

2 May, 2023

The Finnish exploration, consulting, and service-providing company GeoPool is entering the Canadian market. The firm intends to bring its expertise and passion for discovering overseas with its new affiliate in Vancouver, BC

From founding GeoPool in 2007(FIN) to opening the second affiliate GeoPool AB in 2015(SWE), and now a third affiliate in Vancouver in 2022 (CAN), the company continues to expand and develop rapidly. 

“I am a person who likes development and new challenges, so this won’t be the end of GeoPool’s growth as we evolve and gain more stability.”
–   Mathias Forss, CEO of GeoPool

A central goal for the new affiliate GeoPool explorations services Ltd in Vancouver will be to work more closely with explorers while expanding our business and services to the North American market. In this way we will also be closer to our customers.

Finally, GeoPool Explorations Services Ltd in Canada aims to stay true to our core values by prioritising local presence, customers, and the well-being of our staff.

“Our two primary pillars throughout the years have been to manage and guide our customers through the application process while providing legislation, practical operational insights and to do the fieldwork where we explore the grounds.”
–  Mathias Forss, CEO of GeoPool.

By actively participating in research projects and exploring new possibilities in management in Fennoscandia, GeoPool is your loyal companion throughout the exploration phase. With more changes on the horizon, our team is excited to work across geographical borders and learn more about the mining industry in Canada.

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