Enter Area Review!

27 February, 2023

We’ve got some great news! As fellow geologists, we can relate to the struggle of wanting to explore while being unsure of where and how to start. Are you wondering what kind of environmental, social, or governmental factors might affect your exploration plans? Or are you lacking information on the existing exploration data or historical reports?

Finding all the relevant facts about the area you plan to explore can be time-consuming, and the information is, in many cases, hard to come by – unless you know where to look. GeoPool has created the perfect tool for smooth exploration by gathering all the data into a single service. When you order an Area Review report, the Area Review does the preparatory work, so you have all the available data on the area compiled into one report. We are confident this will facilitate your preparatory work before lodging your application for the area in question.

Read more about Area Review under Services.

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