A sustainable approach to mineral exploration

9 February, 2023

Knowing what you can do, when, where and how is crucial to a project’s success and public acceptance. In Finland, we play by the rules, and the Mining Act is one of many laws that must be followed when conducting an exploration.

GeoPool considers practicality and feasibility in addition to legal and ethical guidelines for exploration practices. This holistic approach to regulation and public sensitivity sets us apart in the Finnish exploration industry.

With the complexities of exploration activities in Finland, GeoPool has launched its area review reporting service. This innovative offering is designed to help companies navigate the nuanced regulatory environment and ensure that all exploration activities are legally compliant, socially responsible, and publicly acceptable.

GeoPool’s commitment to sustainable exploration reflects a broader industry trend towards environmental stewardship and community engagement. By prioritising compliance and public acceptance, we facilitate the success of exploration projects and contribute to the sustainable development of Finland’s natural resources.

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