Meet our newest member of the team!

2 June, 2022

Exploration activities are increasing now with the upcoming field season starting. This is encouraging! Exploration is not only about collecting data but also about analyzing and reviewing the results, trends, anomalies, correlations, and hits.

Therefore, we are very encouraged to welcome Kirsi Luolavirta to our team!

Kirsi likes to profile herself as a magma petrologist, with her main interests being geochemistry, analytical methods, mineralogy, and igneous petrology. Having a PhD in geology, including a whole line of unique expertise, she has, without a doubt, gathered knowledge that benefits the entire industry. And it goes without saying that she is a gem for the whole GeoPool crew!

Thanks to her profound academic knowledge, we will be able to enhance the quality of our services.

Welcome to the team, Kirsi!

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