The GeoPool Exploration Hub

24 March, 2022

Embedded within the lush forests of pine and spruce, alongside the Kitinen River, lies Sodankylä, a municipality based in Northern Lapland with lots of exploration focus going on. We found Sodankylä to be the perfect place for our very own Exploration Hub!

We’ve established our Hub, including diamond drill core processing facilities in the center of Sodankylä, close to all the necessary supporting services, and with local laboratories in the near vicinity! Here, there’s room for several companies to rent and work simultaneously without compromising the chain of custody, thanks to our spaces being divided into compartments.

The GeoPool Exploration Hub offers many services such as drill core cutting possibilities, pXRE and hyperspectral measurements and drill core imaging. We also have logging tables as well as comforts such as social facilities and office spaces – and much, much more!

GeoPool: Discovering Together.

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