Introducing Niilo and Nea

3 October, 2020

Mr Niilo Taipale is our latest Exploration Geologist joining our team now in October. Before joining GeoPool, Niilo has since 2016 been actively working in exploration programs for example in the Vihanti-Pyhäsalmi Zn-Cu Belt, in the Central Lappland Greenstone Belt (Au), in the Peräpohja Cu-Co-Au area and in the Koillismaa layered intrusion area (Ni-Cu-PGE). Niilo graduated from the University of Oulu with the M.Sc. thesis; Mineralogy of the Paleoproterozoic Raja, Au-Co prospect, Northern Finland. In addition to drilling supervision, drillcore logging and mapping he is also experienced in low impact soil sampling and biogeochemical exploration (pXRF).

We are happy to have two more boots on the ground!

Nea will be joining our team in November where she will become a part of the tenement management unit as an assistant. She will be strengthening the tenement management team so that we can provide even more effective services to our clients. Nea is fluent in Finnish, Swedish and English. Prior to joining the GeoPool team Nea was working with wide range of customer services related tasks requiring being detailed, organized and systematic. Therefore, we believe she will be good asset to the team.

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