This week GeoPool has been mapping more than 5000 meters of drill core with our ASD Terraspec® to determine alteration patterns in a mineralized system. Topaz – which is one of the alteration products at our project – has a diagnostic feature at 2080 nm. The feature occurs as a “dip” in the spectrum as certain molecular bonds of the mineral absorbs these specific wavelengths. Topaz is easily detected even at very low proportions.

GeoPool has a long experience in hyperspectral mapping and we are able to measure 1000-1700 meter of drill core each day depending on circumstances on site. Hyperspectral mapping is a cost effective and fast exploration tool.

If you want more information on hyperspectral mapping, check out the hyperspectral mapping tab on our website. Or contact us if you want to test it on your drill core!

2017 02 24