Geological Services

geological surveysIn the track from exploration to mine, we are a reliable partner for geological services. With great experience in Fennoscandian exploration, we will manage field work in the most efficient and safe way. Our aim is to produce high quality datasets and interpretations, carry out field surveys with minimum environmental impact, and maintain a good relation to the local community. We communicate in the local language.


Target identification

Based on historic data and mineral rights data, we can help you get a good overview of potential targets in different commodities in the Nordic countries.
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Planning and execution of geochemical surveys

Conducting a successful geochemical-sampling survey requires correctly collected samples analyzed with the right method. Finally the right interpretation of results and you get most possible out of the survey.
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Planning and execution of drill program

Getting the most value out of the money spent on drilling is key to success. We can assist in supervising the drilling program. We have all tools needed for getting the core logged and data delivered.
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Geological mapping

We collect all important geological features and compile a map as well as a database with geographical reference.
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Ore and geology modelling

Geological modelling and resource calculation is the end product for surveys in exploration projects. We do the modelling continuously as more data gets available from drilling or other surveys.
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