GeoPool, founded in 2007, is a private exploration service- and product provider in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Despite that our main business region is Fennoscandia, hyperspectral mapping is a service we have provided successfully worldwide since many years back.

The employees at GeoPool are exploration geologists experienced in the field, but also in permit related questions and legal issues, which makes us unique in the industry. GeoPool links exploration-/mining companies, stakeholders, landowners and authorities.

We are innovative, and keep ourselves on top of new exploration techniques. High standard exploration and reporting, good communication, as well as smooth information flow between each involved part of the project, is the key to success.

Geological Services

We provide quality datasets and interpretations, carry out field surveys with minimum environmental impact, and maintain a good relation to the local community.

Our services include:

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Hyperspectral Mapping

Hyperspectral mapping gives very valuable information which can be used to orientate future drilling and to localize new ore bodies.

We are able to measure 1200-1700 meter of drill core each day either on-site with your crew, or in our logging facility provided you ship us the samples.

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Tenement Management

We manage exploration licenses in Sweden, Finland and Norway, and are familiar with the mining acts and authorities in each of the countries.

We make sure the relationship with the local communities are handled well, so the exploration projects can advance as smoothly as possible.

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Joona Clergeaud joines the tenement management team of GeoPool


joona intro

From the beginning of April 2021, Joona Clergeaud has joined the tenement management team of GeoPool. Before GeoPool Joona has been working with environmental geology and hydrogeology.

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Anu Haverinen joins GeoPool


anu haverinen

As of 15th March 2021, Anu Haverinen has started working at GeoPool. She has 10 years’ experience in mining and metals industry working as both a geologist and a mine planner. She has also been responsible of communicating with landowners and stakeholders regarding licensing and exploration. This is something that has a special place in her heart.

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When nickname becomes the official


geopool logo

When born in 2007 it was rejected but now becoming 14 years old it was finally approved.
- Focusing on the essential; a pool of highly skilled crew providing high quality geological services within the exploration industry, all in one word.

So from now onwards we refer to our nickname also officially:

Geopool Oy

More news to come.


GeoPool hakee työväkeä! Kiinnostaako?


open positions news

GeoPool, perustettu 2007, on yksityinen osakeyhtiö, joka tarjoaa palveluja kaivos- ja malminetsintäyhtiöille Suomessa, Ruotsissa ja Norjassa. Toimintamme on vuosi vuodelta kasvanut ja haemme nyt vahvistusta tiimiimme.

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Introducing Niilo and Nea


Niilo and Nea

Mr Niilo Taipale is our latest Exploration Geologist joining our team now in October. Before joining GeoPool, Niilo has since 2016 been actively working in exploration programs for example in the Vihanti-Pyhäsalmi Zn-Cu Belt, in the Central Lappland Greenstone Belt (Au), in the Peräpohja Cu-Co-Au area and in the Koillismaa layered intrusion area (Ni-Cu-PGE). Niilo graduated from the University of Oulu with the M.Sc. thesis; Mineralogy of the Paleoproterozoic Raja, Au-Co prospect, Northern Finland. In addition to drilling supervision, drillcore logging and mapping he is also experienced in low impact soil sampling and biogeochemical exploration (pXRF).

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