GeoPool, founded in 2007, is a private exploration service- and product provider in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Despite that our main business region is Fennoscandia, hyperspectral mapping is a service we have provided successfully worldwide since many years back.

The employees at GeoPool are exploration geologists experienced in the field, but also in permit related questions and legal issues, which makes us unique in the industry. GeoPool links exploration-/mining companies, stakeholders, landowners and authorities.

We are innovative, and keep ourselves on top of new exploration techniques. High standard exploration and reporting, good communication, as well as smooth information flow between each involved part of the project, is the key to success.

Geological Services

We provide quality datasets and interpretations, carry out field surveys with minimum environmental impact, and maintain a good relation to the local community.

Our services include:

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Hyperspectral Mapping

Hyperspectral mapping gives very valuable information which can be used to orientate future drilling and to localize new ore bodies.

We are able to measure 1200-1700 meter of drill core each day either on-site with your crew, or in our logging facility provided you ship us the samples.

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Tenement Management

We manage exploration licenses in Sweden, Finland and Norway, and are familiar with the mining acts and authorities in each of the countries.

We make sure the relationship with the local communities are handled well, so the exploration projects can advance as smoothly as possible.

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GeoPool is looking for geology students


17 01 18We are looking for eager geology students to join us for field work this summer. Your responsibilities will be soil/till sampling and geological mapping. Other tasks may become relevant. Work site is in Finland but Sweden and Norway might as well come to consideration. Working period is mainly June-August.

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GeoPool strengthen their database services


juttaGeoPool is happy to announce a new staff member. As of April 3rd 2017, Ms. Jutta Forsell started working in the company as a Database Geologist. Jutta graduated in 2005 from the University of Helsinki with a Master’s Degree in Geology and has 15 years of experience in working in the Mining and Metals industry.

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PDAC 05-08.03.2017


2017 3 3 introGeoPool will be attending PDAC International Convention, Trade Show & Investors Exchange 05-08.03.2017 in Toronto Canada. The annual PDAC convention is a world leading event for people, companies and organizations in, or connected with, mineral exploration. PDAC promotes a globally responsible, vibrant and sustainable minerals industry. PDAC also encourages best practices in technical, operational, environmental, safety and social performance.

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Hyperspectral mapping


2017 02 24 introThis week GeoPool has been mapping more than 5000 meters of drill core with our ASD Terraspec® to determine alteration patterns in a mineralized system. Topaz – which is one of the alteration products at our project – has a diagnostic feature at 2080 nm. The feature occurs as a “dip” in the spectrum as certain molecular bonds of the mineral absorbs these specific wavelengths. Topaz is easily detected even at very low proportions.

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Brace yourself, field season 2017 is coming!


feb 2017 thumbThe season of winter is upon us, but next field season is already lurking around the corner. This is the time to review past work and plan for future. Are You ready for field season 2017?

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